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About Blaze .....

About Blaze....

  Blaze Tarsha is a talented and versatile performer that brings a special and unique presence to any performance. Specialising in rotating hoop,Blaze has performed across the UK, Europe and internationally.

  Blaze is naturally creative, dabbling in photography, art, singing, costume and dance. She first encountered circus when she learnt to unicycle in just a week. Shortly after this her mum took a job working as a chef with a touring circus and Blaze was catapulted into circus life. She studied at Circomedia where she specialised in aerial and physical theatre. Along with rotating aerial hoop she has done extensive training and performing hula hoop,corde lisse and is an accomplished singer.  

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"Blaze Tarsha, who must be one of the most versatile and charismatic performers in the company (she can even manage five hoola-hoops in one hoola) leaves the trapeze to sing with the band at one point – and yes, she can sing beautifully as well."


The Edinburgh reporter -Bianco Here Be Dragons 

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